Measuring and Ordering

Why it’s better that we measure up

Measuring for Windows and DoorsOur measuring service is important, it:

  • Ensures the correct type of window or door will be ordered
  • Cuts down on measuring errors
  • Ensures the changes conform to building and fire regulations
  • Ensures that the specification is suitable for the place and purpose
  • We know what we are doing!

We can provide just about any window, door and frame you want. There will be a signed order with very specific details on it, we will provide the order form. We will then manufacture to the exact size.

We have disclaimers to ensure that all regulations are adhered to, its important that we are given all the information we ask for in full.

Measure, Quote and Order

To give a genuine quote we need to come out, measure up and get the additional information we need from you such as colour, design, styles. This is a quick process, no salesmen. The quote will be processed and a written quote provided.

If you ask us to do the job, we will call back with a surveyor to get accurate measurements with full and exact details including glass design, this visit will take slightly longer.